It started with The Virtual Fishtank

The Virtual FishTank at the Museum of Science, Boston is an immersive learning and play experience created in 1996 with a grant from the National Science Foundation by a team of brilliant minds from the MIT Media Lab. Year after year it remains one of the most popular and engaging exhibits at the museum. 


Aquanoids & The Virtual FishTank App

Now, Static-Free Media announces Aquanoids & the Virtual FishTank, a rich new state-of-the-art franchise that brings the experience to mobile web and beyond.  

Fish Skool Underwater Wallpaper World Wallpaper Collection.jpg

DEsigned to Engage Kids


The world of Aquanoids & the Virtual FishTank is actually alive with characters, stories and lots of ways for kids to be part of the action. 


Built for Growth

We’re building a next-generation entertainment franchise powered by patented technology and designed for success in today’s multimedia marketplace with integrated consumer products, video, games and more. 

Scott Webb    Executive Producer

Scott Webb

Executive Producer

Tinsley  Galyean    Experience Design

Tinsley Galyean

Experience Design

Hanibal     Luis    Producer/Business Development

Hanibal Luis

Producer/Business Development

John Marshall   Writer

John Marshall


David Zung    Design

Aquanoids & the Virtual FishTank is Static-Free Media production.

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